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Stop taking mental health issues casually!

Being restless, losing sleep, losing appetite, hearing voices inside your head, fearing to go outside, battling depression and anxiety, clammy hands and nervousness, all point towards the budding growth of something larger and ominous- mental health problems. And joking and laughing about such serious issues is just downright pathetic and showcases terrible behaviour. It is hard for normal people to imagine what people battling with mental health problems go through. They cannot express their feelings and fear. The listener might make fun of them and demean and humiliate them to be a crazy person, for instance.


People might make fun of someone who meditates to improve their sleep or grow out from anxiety and depression. In addition, meditation has been scientifically proved to alleviate the problems related to mental stress. If you feel down on some days, breathe through them. Mental stress is a constant fear latched onto one’s back without providing even a hint to its solution. Value yourself. Take one step a time. Do one small part of the thing you fear to do in one day. If even that feels hard, take it minute by minute. Just release the stress for this minute and don’t worry about the next minute. It will come clear to you.


Celia Searles, Arts Editor for the student website of Saint Louis University, provides useful insights to coping with mental stress relating to her conversation with her therapist. Her therapist advises her to do the opposite acts of what the brain fears to do. Take a small step. These small steps will one day support you to take a big leap of faith or even fly. Exercise daily, start with a small time frame and increase it as you go and as you feel comfortable. Reframe your expectations of yourself.


And no matter what you do or where you go, never stop loving yourself for who you are.


Dibyasha Das