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Statues of the confederacy teared down

statues of the confederacy

After the death of George Floyd, protests have been continuously going on across the United States. Following the roadshows and violent attacks on white police, the protests have turned to statues of the confederacy. Protestors have begun thrashing down the statues on their own. This is not the first time when the African Americans have attacked statues of the confederacy. Such revolts started back in the year 2015 after the massacre of Charleston Church Shooting in Louisiana. Since then, there have been numerous events to take down the statues of the confederacy.

Destruction to the statues of the confederacy

The black people are fighting for the removal of statues of the confederacy. They believe that these statues were to promote a white supremacist future. Although the struggle for the removal of confederate memorials dates back in history, these memorials were ever protected by the law. There are many laws like Tennessee law, South Carolina law which create hindrance in the removal of confederate memorials.

This time the officials in many states vowed to take down the statues. However, before the authorities could have taken any action the protestors took over. At some places, protestors have taken upon themselves to remove the Confederate memorials. The statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Charles Linn, were toppled down. Also, the statues of Jefferson Davis, Christopher Columbus, Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, and many others were also smashed.

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The mass is looking up to remove the statues of the confederacy in a different way than ever. It seems that these protests might result in something productive this time. Patricia Davis, an associate professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern University, finds the outcome of this moment uncertain. She says that in past whenever such acts of resistance had occurred, the statues were replaced with even bigger monuments. However, this time the authorities are coming in support. There is a strong possibility that they won’t be replaced with bigger monuments.


Manshi Chauhan