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Short-term courses to be more skilful

courses to be more skilful

There might be ample instances in your life when you must have felt the need to gain more skills to enhance your personal and professional growth. Here is your chance! You can enrol for numerous online courses which can help you be more skilful and successful. These courses not only help you learn something new but are also good for all-round personality development.

The personal development goals, eligibilities, etc. of these courses to be more skilful are:

  • Inclusive leadership training

Firstly, is the course concerning leadership and supervision skills. Leadership skills are the most desired skills in any field. Especially, for the management level employees, who need to guide and manage the employees working under them. This is a series of 3 courses each of a 4-week duration offered by eDX. This course helps in developing leadership skills that make a great leader.

  • Fundamentals of Statistics

Secondly is the course for basic statistics. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers the course on fundamentals of statistics. The purpose of this course is to develop and understand core statistical ideas on firm mathematical grounds. This course will allow you to expand your statistical knowledge and equip you with the tools you need to develop new skills.

  • The Language of Design: Form and Meaning

Thirdly, is a helpful course on understanding the designing domain. This is a course offered by the California Institute of the Arts. This course is designed to give learners the vocabulary and concepts necessary for the design. It gives you an objective analysis of graphic design and its effectiveness and helps you refine your skills to communicate about design. Learners enrolled in Graphic Design Specialisation or UI/UX Design Specialisation will also find this course helpful.

  • Introduction to Public Speaking

Fourthly we move to one of the essential skills required today, that is, speaking with confidence and appeal in public. The University of Washington through Coursera offers courses on introduction to public speaking. It trains students in the art of effective public communication. This program focuses on improving the learner’s ability to express their thoughts in a clear and precise manner.

  • Financial Planning

Lastly, a key aspect for ensuring financial success is proper financial planning. The 8-week long course offered by the University Of Florida and by Coursera trains the participants about various critical financial management issues. It also helps them to develop good financial habits.

In conclusion, education doesn’t have to be expensive. All these courses can help you be more successful and skilful in life

Manavi Pandey