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Scientists are on board to find a formula for the anti-corona vaccine

scientists find anti corona vaccine

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, scientists have been on board to find the formula for human safety.

In the span of the last seven months, scientists all over the globe have made several efforts to study the virus in detail.

The internet has been flooded with numerous articles and research papers on safety tips to combat the virus.

Along with the World Health Organization, the health ministries of governments have been revising the healthcare guidelines continuously.

Despite the tireless work by our scientists, we seem to be far away from any conclusion.


Scientists on the mission

The scientists have provided many safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

They are timely in updating the guidelines with each discovery about the virus. They have been entailed into a race to invent an anti-corona vaccine.

The race is emerging at an unprecedented rate. The experts say that a vaccine which usually took decades to formulate may be there in a year or two.

According to WHO, there are more than 160 ongoing researches by our scientists to formulate a vaccine from different countries.

It is a contest about saving millions of lives and earning billions of dollars. Every country has deployed its scientific army to win the contest. University researchers and science experts have also plunged into the contest.


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Progress on the work

Notwithstanding so much of endeavour, our scientists do not have answers to all the questions.

A debate starts due to the perturbation that arises out of continuous revisions in the findings and recommendations of experts.

Professors at Northeastern University say that these revisions from public health and scientific experts are a sign of progress.

However, in the time of uncertainty, there is an urgency for accurate communication of implications of public health recommendations.

Though the scientists and researchers try their best to be clear with their message, it may be misleading sometimes.

Misleading of the facts in the present crisis can take us far away from the progress.


Manshi Chauhan