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Scheduling Savvy

Scheduling savvy

Life can be erratic at times. It can be more so when we factor in the various ups and downs of the work domain intermingled with that of the personal part. This dynamic nature of the delicate work-life balance is thrown into the spotlight with the pandemic. The worldwide lockdown has forced nearly the entire workforce of the globe to do their jobs from the security and safety of their homes. It wouldn’t be overreaching to say that this situation has put scheduling and planning out the work that needs to be done extremely difficult. And technology has stepped up, as it always does, to help out the world’s workforce.  It has managed to introduce apps that make planning tasks easy and making scheduling savvy, to speak.


The Rise

Applications such as Taskade, Trello, etc. have been in the market for a very long time. Initially, it was used sparingly in the corporate sector where the distribution and the scheduling of tasks evenly and promptly were of paramount importance. However, with the rise and reign of COVID-19 in the past year, scheduling apps such as these have seen an expansion in their realm of need. Apps such as these provide the people with reminders and a tally of when the set tasks are being completed.



Furthermore, have the provision of adding people to the list and assigning the work to the respective people. When working remotely, this feature has proved to be golden in its importance. This particular feature promotes transparency in the work environment. It also promotes healthy communication regarding the work that needs to be done; something that is of ginormous importance when working from home is concerned.

Furthermore, these apps have several other features. These include the option of creating multiple task lists and adding different people to different lists. With such features, tasks from personal and professional life can be kept perfectly separate while making sure everything gets done. Also, Taskade, Trello, and such are built to have a pretty simple interface. This enables even laymen to get the maximum usage out of it for extremely meagre sums of money.

Depending on who the question is asked to, technology can be a boon or bane. However, it can be safely said that task managing apps such as Taskade and Trello have proved to be a boon to mankind as a whole. It combines the functions of several apps, such as notepads, alarms, etc. It provides a comprehensive platform that strives to make life easy and scheduling extremely tech savvy.


Atreyee Chakraborty