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Safety and health are the fundamentals for decent work

Safety and health are the fundamentals for decent work

The world is all set to be back on track after being stagnant for months due to the global lockdown. The pandemic has put lives at risk as well as imposed a severe cash crunch on the global economy. The world is fighting on dual fronts: ensuring the safety and health of billions and recovering from the global recession.

Almost all the activities across the globe were shut down primarily to avoid health risks. The countries are now trying to unlock its essential activities.

However, the fact that pandemic has still not reached any conclusive end is a reminder for public health concerns.


Sharing of the responsibility of ensuring safety and health for all

The responsibility to ensure public health is not on the shoulders of only governments. Everybody is akin to the responsibility.

Safe and healthy working conditions are fundamental for decent work. International bodies like the WHO and ILO have issued a framework for safety and health at work places.

They have issued recommendations from which countries can develop policies and programmes to address COVID-19.

However, the institutions must ensure that the policies and programmes and the public health guidelines are followed.

They must make all the arrangements to establish a safe and healthy workplace for all. They need to maintain a fully clean and disinfected environment.

The institutions should address COVID-19 related risks like exposure and transmission peculiarly.


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Northeastern University is preparing commendably well to ensure the safety and health of all on campuses. The university is all set to reopen equipped with a very efficient model for a safe and healthy workplace.

It is trying to satisfy all the requirements for hygiene and health. It is providing facilities like hand sanitizers, beds, testing facility, etcetera.

The university has set high standards to guarantee the safety and health of its people on the campus.


Manshi Chauhan