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Pop music : Will we have a past in the future?

Art and music are now in the hands of commoners with widespread internet connectivity. As the decade comes to an end, this has shown a drastic shift in how music, especially pop music, has been conceptualised. People write pop music today not to suit the public’s wants but their own and the need to fulfil their desire for it. What this makes possible today, says Daniel Bernas from Saint Louis University, is for pop artists to come from or stay in the underground but create unapologetic pop music and be taken seriously at the same time.
Dua Lipa entered the scene in 2017 with her successful songs like “Blow Your Mind” and others like “Lost in Your Light” that recreate a nostalgia for the 80’s music tracks. “Don’t Start Now” was an extremely popular piece and was able to claim a place for itself amidst all the great pop music that was coming in 2019. Pop heads were ready to use a title for it that was rarely given – “pop perfection”. If there is anything her works like “Future Nostalgia” had to show, it is that they are fine-tuned radio pop that gains inspiration from past sounds of the genre that have gained popularity over the years.
However, there is a problem with this trend as well. She does not have a style to call her own. There is nothing individual about her songs that makes the audience go back to it specifically. On the whole, though, her music is still popular and gives the audience what they want. The decade, according to Bernas, has been a golden age for commercial pop and only wait can tell us if this success will keep up in the future to give us another period of fruitful pop music like the ‘80s.
N Malavika Mohan