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One year of GlobalShala! What is done and what is next?

One Year of GlobalShala

Started in January 2020, GlobalShala’s journey this year was indeed a rollercoaster one. One of the first educational organisations that offer opportunities for 21st-century skills, GlobalShala offers internships, courses, competitions, scholarships, and college advice. This ed-tech platform aims to provide equal and increased access to affordable and quality higher education.

Being clueless during the college years is very common and many seek out opportunities. Anushika Jain, the founder and CEO of GlobalShala, said that she wanted to “fill the gap by connecting students with opportunities.” The goal of GlobalShala is to provide experiential opportunities to all. GlobalShala also aims to help in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Goal 4: Quality Education, and Goal 5: Gender Equality. This start-up has harnessed its existing networks while keeping student’s Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) in mind. Another central value at GlobalShala is women’s empowerment. Women comprise 90 percent of the workforce at GlobalShala.

GlobalShala is currently partnered with several universities including Northeastern University, DePaul University, and Saint Louis University in the United States. Through interviews, GlobalShala has distributed scholarships of around $905,400 to over 80 students, thus helping many to achieve their dreams. These scholarships were distributed for all the semesters for Fall 2020, Spring 2020, and Fall 2021.


GlobalShala has given students paid internship opportunities around the world. The internships here at GlobalShala have helped in preparing students to be ready for this fast-paced and evolving world. The opportunities provided by GlobalShala have helped students in cultivating design thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation to solve global challenges. GlobalShala has hired around 200 interns across its various departments. Interns have excelled in the departments of content writing, digital marketing, HR and communications, graphic designing, education research, and SEO specialisation. Badges were handed over to the interns who were committed, punctual, and engaging in their efforts and work. The badges were announced in the monthly Town Hall meeting. The badges awarded were team player, rising star, most reliable, and most engaged. GlobalShala aims to provide 10,000 paid internships in the following year.


GlobalShala has also organised many educational events and contests where students have shown excellence in their participation. The United Nations recognised Superhero U contest of GlobalShala which has received 1348 innovative entries. The participants were asked to present solutions to any of the global challenges highlighted in the United Nation’s SDGs. 1893 students had participated in the Code with GlobalShala contest. 112 students had submitted interesting entries for the Capture with GlobalShala competition. In the Calligraphy/poetry/photography competition, around 171 students had submitted their entries. 13 students participated in Create with GlobalShala. The Cook- a-tale competition was one of a kind contest to judge and it was difficult to decide the winner and 2 runner-ups. The NEP webinar had seen the enthusiastic participation of around 94 students.

GlobalShala is just a search away. The digital presence team has worked hard in increasing the social reach of GlobalShala. The team comprises the content writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and the digital marketing team of GlobalShala. GlobalShala has published a total of 585 articles on its website and the platform Medium. The website has around 6685 clicks while the profile in Medium has around 5716 views. The 261 posts on Quora have over 30.7K views, 1.02K upvotes, and 191 shares. The engagement rate of GlobalShala’s page on Instagram has increased to 14.98% with the average reach. The 286 posts on Instagram cover various events, competitions, announcements, as well as information regarding various topics. The average organic reach of GlobalShala’s page on Facebook is 276 while the average paid reach is 221. GlobalShala’s posts on Facebook are informative and they have spread awareness regarding topics that students should know.


GlobalShala has helped many students in achieving their dream in this one year. This platform has provided opportunities for students to learn and explore their fields of interest. GlobalShala has achieved milestones and the team here has set their sights to achieve even more.


Hanan Ashraf Muhammad