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Northeastern to provide financial aid worth $350 million

financial aid

Northeastern’s most important commitment is of inclusive education. The authority prioritises the importance of the availability of their educational resources to talented students from all backgrounds and circumstances. Northeastern University has always come forward with unique ideas and methods to grow an inclusive educational campus. It has provided several financial aids to the undergraduate students as well as the graduates. Northeastern has emphasised on creating a safe and secure place for its students, staff, and researchers since its inception. Additionally, the authority has come forward with financial aid to help the needy as well as every student during the pandemic.


To ensure the financial security of the students at the time of economic uncertainty, Northeastern will provide $350 million in financial aid to them. This financial aid will not be a loan. Northeastern will grant $305 million for undergraduates and $50 million for graduate students during the 2020-21 academic year. The aided investment increased more than 151% since 2006 and average student loan debt has decreased by 51% within eleven years. Additionally, Northeastern has raised more than $2 million in funds to support students and families who have experienced hardship. Northeastern’s COVID-19 Resilience Fund was also formed in April to support the faculty who are researching coronavirus.


Moreover, Northeastern has several policies for providing financial support to its students for a better experience and secure future. Some of the policies are ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’ for first-year students and ‘Northeastern Promise’ for undergraduate students. A survey shows that 60% of first-year students receive some kind of grant aid from the university. The university also provides 166 full-tuition scholarships to Boston Public Schools graduates to help them navigate their financial aid process.


Northeastern’s worldwide esteem in experiential education has also been proven by the record number of applicants for the fall semester in 2020. Northeastern has experienced an increase of 143% since 2006 in the number of countries where Northeastern students work as a co-op. Northeastern’s leadership quality includes its commitment to diversity among students, faculty as well as the promotion of inclusion on campus.


Rubena Bose