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Nor’easters contribute to amplify black voices

Nor’easters contribute to amplify black voices

Amid the widespread protests of racism and anti-Black violence driving from the death of George Floyd, Nor’easters took the stage. They grabbed the opportunity and sent a peaceful message.

Music is the best art form to trigger our feelings, convey our message, and to bring all the humans together.

So, the Nor’easters sang their message out to the world. Nor’easter is a nationally recognized group of Cappella from Northeastern University.


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Cover Video of “I Know A Place”

The Nor’easters, with three black soloists in centre frame and alongside fourteen other students of Northeastern delivered a message of hope and solidarity.

They performed a cover version of the original song “I Know A Place” performed by MUNA.

The song was originally composed after the 2016 Pulse Nightclub Shooting and became an anthem for the safety of the LGBTQ+ community.

The lyrics contained in the song fit the message which the Nor’easters wanted to send.

The song expresses the grief of those people who are suffering some kind of injustice and violence in the world. It provides a ray of hope to them for a world with complete peace.

Contribution to the black community

The Nor’easters made this video as a part of fundraising efforts to amplify the black voices.

They have decided to give all the donations; they get through this video till 31 August, to the Black Art Futures Fund.

Since the video has been posted by Nor’easters A cappella Instagram and YouTube, it has earned more than 17,000 views.

The video is getting an amazing response by the common viewers as well as by the celebrities. The creators are speechless with the response.

The art piece has brought a new angle to the ongoing protests. It has found a peaceful way to strengthen the voice of black lives. Also, the art piece is creating recognition for the whole of the black art.


Manshi Chauhan