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New order sparks hope in the lives of students on campus.




In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, college, and universities have been closed for a fairly large period of time. Although students did have classes online, studying on campus is something everyone misses. Several campus events also could not take place due to the pandemic, as a safety measure. However, now things in most countries have started opening up and so are the colleges in the U.S.A. 


The governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, announced a new executive order on Friday. The stud Northeastern University was also a part of this list of colleges that could resume classes on campus. There are conditions that have to be followed by the universities.

When students, faculty, and staff members return to campus, they must quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days. If they test negative of the virus before this quarantine period, then they too can start classes. There must be a minimum of 72 hours of testing before they enter the campus. The test can be also done when the students or faculty enter the campus, this proves to be an additional benefit. Although, the executive order does not include states like New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Hawaii. This is because of the extreme number of cases in these areas. 


Northeastern University is working on providing its staff, faculty, and students with free testing as soon as they reach campus. To ensure the safety of the students and reduce the COVID-19 cases the university is taking these steps. The universities that plan on resuming classes after the executive order, effective from the 1st of August, will take all the precautionary measures required. This is clearly a sign of the public overcoming the pandemic slowly, but effectively. 


Priyal Jhaveri