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Nanotechnology, one of history’s unknown innovation

Murray Gibson, the dean of the College of Science at Northeastern University, believes that Nanotechnology has been used since ages in different fields. The people who made use of this technology just didn’t realise it then. He also gave the example of blacksmiths who used tiny carbon particles to make swords sharper in the ancient times. Mr. Murray believes that nanotechnology is a very important field of science. This technology can transform the way we manufacture products. It may include anything ranging from aeroplane wings, solar cells, and much more.

Nanotechnology is shaping of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Humans have been making use of this to make their lives easy and efficient. It has been in used widely in the fields of clothing, computers, and many others. Although, everything is still not known about this field. Hence, various scientists have also deemed the technology dangerous.

With the molecules being so small, they can easily enter the human body. They can do so even through the pores in our skin. It is the size of an atom. To put that in context, our nail grows at a length of 10 atoms every second. This field of study has various long term advantages. Governments all across the globe spend a lot of money in this field every year for its aids and advancements. It may be an important tool in raising the economy of poor countries. The aim is also to provide the world with cleaner technology. Scientists believe nanotechnology will have a positive impact on the environment. However, with the atoms being minute, the actual health hazards are still unknown. Hence, the research for the same continues. 

Mr. Murray, with his students, has conducted various experiments on this field in order to understand it better. With the backing of the national science foundation, Northeastern University is leading the study of this branch of science. Mr. Murray believes it is critical for interested students to learn more about nanotech, as it will be an important component of future technologies. 

Shubham Mohta