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Mental health hotline for the frontline warriors

The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed our worst nightmares to reality by unleashing an unthinkable scenario globally. Social distancing and quarantine which only existed in fiction have now become commonplace across the globe. The psychological and mental impact of this situation has led to the rise of anxiety and anger issues, depression, sleep disorder, and PTSD in many people.


With the exponential rise in coronavirus cases, the frontline heroes- the doctors, nurses, police personnel, and others having to deal with COVID patience closely- are in a critical position. However, things start getting out of hand when these warriors start to lose motivation having to deal with such critical cases every day. Therefore, it is important for citizens like us to make sure that their mental health is in place. After all, we are all in this together, fighting as a team.


To help the doctors and other frontline warriors fight this battle, Saint Louis University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience and the Department of Psychology have joined hands to
provide support to nurses, resident physicians, faculty, and other health care providers. They have opened up a free hotline staffed by psychologists from the psychology and psychiatry department of the university. The hotline will operate on weekdays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening through several months. 12 people have volunteered to provide referrals to the callers and would provide further care.


Lauren Schwarz, Ph.D., professor and clinical psychologist at the university says, “As mental health professionals we are acutely aware of the mental health needs that may arise in a time of crisis. We
want to be able to provide support for individuals who have been and will be acutely affected by the COVID pandemic. In order to be able to provide care for others, we must truly care for ourselves as
well.” This is one great initiative taken by the university to care for those taking care of us tirelessly.


This free hotline service will aim at providing the necessary spirit and motivation and be a listener for those in the frontline.


Subarna Basu