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Knox Case: Living after a murder accuse

When Amanda Knox was accused of the murder of her 21-year old British roommate Meredith Kercher, it shocked the world. She and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had become worldwide news for the four years. Her experience is something that most people dread – being caught up in a case in another country that one has gone to for a limited period of time. Alan Schroeder, professor of Journalism at Northeastern University, talked about the case and how it became a sensational piece for the media.


The case had an international angle to it, making it the talk of the town in three countries, namely the United States of America, Italy, and Britain. Knox was from America, Kercher from Britain, and the trial took place in Italy. Being a young, attractive woman, she was easily made the protagonist of media dramatics. When asked how the media would continue the story, now that Know was released, Schroeder said that a second chapter to the narrative was unlikely and what mattered now was what Knox was going to do with this experience in the future. As far as Schroeder saw, he could not find any strategising motives behind the manner in which she took up the situation.


Major news organisations had probably been behind her since the moment she stepped out of the court. They were expected to look into her psychology – would she want to talk about it now and why, would she want to tell it to me, etc. – to figure out the most advantageous platform for her to narrate her story. Schroeder said that the best way for her to make the best out of the situation would be to write a book. Considering how the case was already sensational in multiple countries, finding a reading audience would not be a difficult task.


N Malavika Mohan