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Is he sneaking in on your social media activity?

Terrence Johnson’s job is, perhaps, something we all do as a part of our everyday. He keeps a close watch on the latest conversations happening on social media, be it Twitter or TikTok, and goes a step further in analysing it and commenting on the trends he observes. He is part of the show called Keep It Social on WGBH, a public media broadcaster in Boston, and is a co-host to Paris Alston, a journalist, and also works as an assistant producer of the show. The show streams on YouTube every Friday at 6 PM EDT and discusses the latest trends in social media. It provides a platform for individuals to comment on the issues that they find most pressing in a casual, conversational manner, as if it was happening between friends.


The show allows for diverse voices and perspectives. As Johnson points out, traditional media often tends to provide news in a particular manner, aimed at a particular audience, in effect silencing many other voices. This is hoped to have been redressed and people who want to express a counter perspective or raise an issue that is not often talked about in media, are open to speak out in this forum. The show that was initially to be shot at the WGBH studio was later shifted to being remotely taped at the hosts’ and the guests’ houses due to the pandemic.


Johnson has earned a graduate degree in Broadcast Journalism from University of Mississippi and a post-graduate degree in Media Advocacy from Northeastern University. A native of Mississippi, he says that the University’s mentorship program provided him with the opportunity to develop on the foundation that he had and improve upon the details. He gives the University credit for helping him grow as an advocate, a storyteller, and a journalist, in effect making him grow as a person.


N Malavika Mohan