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Indians become largest foreign-born population in St. Louis

According to a new estimate released by the United Nations, India was the leading country of origin of international migrants. The number of Indian migrants globally has reached 272 million. Among the top 10 countries of origin of migrant, India was the leading country. Similarly, new data was analysed by the demographer Ness Sandoval of Saint Louis University. It showed how the Indians of Saint Louis outnumbered the Mexican population.


In fact, Saint Louis is not the only city to do so, there are 14 other cities where this is the scenario. There are over 15,000 Indians residing in St. Louis have now settled in that city after being born in India. Sandoval pointed out how the Indian population has been growing in the city since 2020. In comparison, the growth in Mexican population has remained more or less the same.


Sandoval has developed an analysis. It states how that region might not be the first stop of the Indian population in the U.S. He said, “My hypothesis is most of this growth is coming from secondary migration. It’s coming from people moving from places like New York, Washington, San Francisco. They’re finding opportunities for their occupations and skill sets.”


Sandoval’s research involved talking to residents. He wanted to figure out their purpose of shifting to that region. Many were attracted to the new opportunities and advantages the region presented to them. A lot of people praised it for its affordability, calling it a great place for raising children. One of the residents said, “I’ve seen people come here for jobs. And most of the people, they do like it here. Because here, life is very calm. It’s not a busy place like New York and other places. And within the community here, we are very close-knit. St. Louis continues to welcome people of all cultures. It helps them to embrace their origin and respect their beliefs.


Subarna Basu