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Here’s why you binge-watch the same shows


How many times have you watched your favourite episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? When did you last binge on the seasons of The Office during a relaxing weekend? Did you count how many times Sheldon spoke about his favourite spot in his apartment? Have you ever wondered why do you keep going back to the same episodes or the same season? Millions of fans who re-watch their favourite shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu realise a similar bonding. They share the relatable stuff and bond over their favourite characters. However, Northeastern has the answer to these questions.


Yakov Bart, an associate professor of Marketing at Northeastern University, studies our behaviour towards these shows and movies to find out the reason behind our repetitive actions. He says, “it makes us feel safe”. After the uncertainties we face in a day, Bart says we feel safe in controlling the action in the screen. These movies and series tend to soothe our anxiety which makes us prone to the repeated consumption of shows.


Many of us also enjoy binge-watching horror movies or series that have scared us out before. According to Bart, it is the feeling of control that we possess on the action. The reassuring knowledge of the plot also takes a huge role in binge-watching. Similarly, people seem to enjoy what they have experienced in their childhood to find a hint of nostalgia.


Relating to this behavioural study, Yakov also points out the relationship between popular marketers and consumers. The marketers do not receive the anticipated response from the customers who prefer to stick to the old products. Despite, the drastic changes in the world, people look out for the feeling of assurance and comfort. However, many noticeable marketing strategies have emerged over time to change the perspective on consumerism.


Rubena Bose