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Helmuth’s study on ideological divide

Our mother earth has gone through numerous changes since the day homo sapiens discovered the wheel and fire: the two most significant discoveries ever. Since then, humans have not failed in spreading their tentacles in exploiting the available resources in their best possible interest. However, one thing they were unable to consider was the repercussions they would be subjected to face in response to their reckless activities. Humans aren’t even an inch short in extracting the monetary benefit out of everything they see and feel. They can even advocate and endorse a wrong policy if their superior has told them to do so.


Does human activity drive global climate change? This question isn’t an examination paper of rocket science with implications and theories. It is quite apparent that its answer is a big yes as suggested by democrats, but when the party affiliations are put forward over common sense, Republicans say “nay.” Their response isn’t just an opinion but in-depth research conducted by the team led by Brian Helmuth—a professor in the College of Science and the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University. The team analysed the twitter accounts followed by the leaders of both fronts to measure the number and type of research-oriented science organisations, including those covering global warming.


The research concluded that the Democrats were way too ahead of the Republicans as they nearly follow such accounts three times more than the former party. Helmuth wasn’t quite astonished while claiming, “overt interest in science may now primarily be a ‘Democrat’ value.” Helmuth also opined that it would be too harsh to solely blame Republicans for their perspective as people excessively rely on the news published by the anonymous sources on Facebook and Twitter. This unreliable news is what eventually influences and frames their ideology. Such “echo-chambers” are what making Republicans bounce the same select information back and forth in the right field, and the Democrats bounce their selected information back and forth in the left field.


Harminder Singh