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Hamilton: A hit just right

Hamilton is an American musical film that features the original Broadway cast. It comprises a live recording of the 2015 Broadway musical and is based on the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow. It was planned for a theatrical release on October 15, 2021. However, the rapid spread of novel coronavirus has closed the doors of theatres and studios. Release schedules have been shuffled. So, waiting for the situation to normalise might not prove a prudent measure here. Hence, Disney+ released the film on July 3, 2020. This is 15 months earlier than expected.


This story about love, leadership, hope, tenacity, and power of people to unite against the catastrophe is both appropriate and impactful. It has also made theatre more financially accessible to the masses. Tickets of the last show that featured Broadway cast amounted to nearly $10000. However, the shift to streaming makes it accessible for all the family members at the cost of one Disney+ subscription, which amounts to $6.99 per month. In some cases, it is available for free too, through a seven-day free trial. It indicates a substantial increase in the subscriber base of Disney. Hence, it is a fortune for both customers and the company.


What is its impact on live theatres?

Jose Delgado, a lecturer in the Department of Theatre at Northeastern University, talks about the impact of the digital release of this global musical sensation on the live theatre. He calls it a harbinger for things to come. There are numerous shows already in existence that might be streamed on small screens. It would be exciting for people who have not been to the theatre yet. It might inspire people to seek out the live theatre and may create more patronage for theatres. Although its impact is unclear, the move opens an opportunity to restructure the live theatres and make it more accessible to the public at large.


Kriti Vishwakarma