GlobalShala Traditions!

A place where physical contact is seldom available, GlobalShala as a company with young minds are inculcating traditions that are joyously followed in the hopes of having a rejuvenating virtual environment.

Following are our fun-filled traditions in the company:

1. Monthly Townhall

Townhalls are month-end company meetings that showcase the achievements, upcoming plans and challenges of each vertical across GlobalShala. Amazing performers are awarded badges by every team leader. Over time, the informal sessions have developed a lot from games to inter-departmental contests. Every department proves worthy contenders to the informal, merry sessions each month. From celebrating favorite sitcoms to designing our dream office spaces, reminiscing school days, and playing songs, these town halls are sure to bring the teams closer. It is most definitely a GlobalShala-way to make sure that our teams are motivated and spirited to take on work, help each other and be their best selves.

2. Farewell Parties

Moving forward is a part of every aspect of life. As our members move on to the next steps in their professional careers, one way to celebrate the time they devoted to our team is by bidding them adieu in the most mirthful way. Games and lovely messages are sure to make one emotional. Better stick with us!

There are so many events when the whole team comes to celebrate together. Be it virtual birthday parties, fun workshops and learning sessions with our leaders, we sure enjoy our team-time a lot even though we don’t meet in reality.