GlobalShala: A Journey

Finding the right opportunities during the crucial college years and after is important in today’s fast-pacing world. Anushika Jain, the Founder and CEO of GlobalShala, was one among the crowd when she realized she had to do something for her peers. She chose to bear the baton of upskilling them with any small initiative she could take. GlobalShala birthed then and there. GlobalShala started with just 10-12 dedicated members who collectively worked on curating one-of-a-kind services to students. They do this through partnering with universities like Northeastern University and Saint Louis University in the United States of America. GlobalShala has registered offices in Gurugram, India and Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

Introduction to our Founder:

Anushika Jain is an alumna of University of Delhi, currently enrolled in a graduate program at Northeastern University. She joined hands with like-minded individuals who are into providing 21st-century skills to the ones seeking experiences and opportunities. As Anushika highlighted in her interview, she hopes that students get an ample number of choices before they figure out what they want to pursue in their professional life.

Since its inception, GlobalShala has incessantly worked towards reaching the pinnacle of perfection building a platform that heeds to the needs of the students. Sustainable Development Goals of Education and Gender Equality are prioritized in GlobalShala. With internships, scholarships, contests, events, webinars, and awareness drives, GlobalShala stands with a sundry of options to cater to the student community who are looking to keep their CVs shining.