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Get prepared for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Artificial Intelligence

A new national study was conducted by Northeastern University and was directed by Gallup. This study found that most adults in the U.S. have a generally positive view of Artificial Intelligence(AI). However, Americans are not well prepared to manage the AI’s impact on the worldwide economy.

These statistics were revealed by the conducted study:

  • AI has had a “very positive” impact on the lives of 79% of the Americans.
  • 76 % strongly agree that AI will change the way people function over the next ten years.
  • 73 % of Americans believe that the increased use of AI will remove jobs.
  • 22% of the American students feel that their college or university studies have prepared them well to work with AI.
  • The rest of them believe that they might lose their jobs as technology advances.

Colleges and artificial intelligence

The increased use of Artificial Intelligence will enhance technological creativity amongst students. Therefore, it becomes important for every student to begin focusing on AI studies.

Numerous colleges have begun to include AI courses in their course structure. These include:

  • Carnegie Mellon University – CMU offers two AI degrees :
  1. Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation
  • Stanford University – Graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence research and course work opportunities.


With the growth in technology, we are using AI in our daily lives. However, this increase in usage has raised many concerns regarding the other side of AI. Some negative impacts of AI include:

  • Firstly, loss of jobs to machines.
  • Invasion of privacy of an individual or institution.
  • Lastly, it is highly likely that a situation might arrive where humans might lose control of the machines. The machines might cross legal and ethical boundaries.

The possibilities of AI are endless. It can be used to solve difficult problems and find solutions that are important to humans. In conclusion, the future of AI is in our hands. Our choices and actions will affect the future path of AI.


Manavi Pandey