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Get into Top Universities of the U.S. with ease

The education system of a place or community heavily contributes to students exploring their abilities and how they can use them to make it big. Education in the U.S. is given in a standardized structure that contains early years of elementary school then middle school or junior high school, followed by the high school in the end. The U.S. also has arguably the best higher studies options in the form of the Ivy League colleges. Colleges like Yale, Harvard, and Berkley are the dream schools of not just native students but also international students from all over the world.

One of the most attractive features of the U.S. education system is the flexibility it provides through a large number of diversified learning schools and institutions. It not only allows the students to specialize in a variety of academic disciplines but also gains employment training. They offer you to pursue a minor subject that may or may not be related to your major subject. However, it surely enhances your major. It helps you in gaining 15-30 extra credits in any specific area of your choice. A mainstream business analytic course with foreign language like Spanish as your minor degree surely amplifies your credentials.

How to get admission in Colleges and Universities of the U.S.?

The facilities and luxuries provided by the U.S. education system inject adrenaline shots in every prospective international student. But getting into one such prestigious university isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Following are a few steps each student has to undertake to secure its seat in one of the world’s top schools:

  • Prioritize few universities you want to get into. Don’t stick to one or two universities as they may not accept you.
  • Most schools in the U.S. encourage prospective international students to contact their admissions office at least one year before planning to enter that school.
  • After listing out few universities, contact each of them, ask for the admission form, and other admission information.
  • The universities and colleges of the U.S. usually thrust their admissions decisions on a student’s academic record and applicable test scores, such as TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language), the SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT(American College Testing). While applying to graduate schools, additional exam scores, such as the GRE(Graduate Record Examinations) or GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test), will be required.
  • The admission office will then consider your marks earned in the last four years of secondary school. For graduate programs, your university marks will be taken into consideration.
  • After taking the tests and submitting their scores, you will get acceptance letters from the colleges or universities.
  • Then, deposit the amount to secure your seat. The proof of financial documents is required, like bank statements, FD, etc. For example, if the total fee is $25,000, then the students $38,000 in their financial documents (fees + living expenses). The full payment has to be done once the university commences.
  • Complete the I-20 Form from the school that you decide to attend. You will need the I-20 form for other parts of your immigration application. You will use the I-20 form to confirm payment of your I-901 SEVIS Fee, apply for your nonimmigrant visa at your U.S. Embassy or Consulate, and enter the United States.

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Harminder Singh
Luvpreet Singh