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Frontline warriors get a well-deserved tribute

While we sit at home looking at the number of people recovering from COVID and return safely to their loved ones, we often forget to think about the ones working in the frontline tirelessly for us to stay safe. These frontline warriors are none other than the doctors, nurses, and security personnel
that are outside so that we stay indoors and protect ourselves from the virus that has been taking so many lives. Spending days and nights away from their families, not having to get proper rest or having to eat proper food, they are putting all their efforts into seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel. Therefore, it is important for us as empathetic citizens to be kind to them and do our best to show our gratitude.

Saint Louis University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts has taken an initiative to pay a musical tribute to these warriors combatting the virus on the frontline. As a consequence, this initiative was taken up by Wen Shen, M.M., a piano teacher at the University. She organised to create a video to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses at the St. Louis regional hospitals and healthcare centres. Shen was inspired by Jin Wang from the Division of Infectious Diseases. She said, “When she reached out to me about organizing and performing a benefit concert to help fight against the disease and give hope, I immediately accepted the invitation. My inspiration was the courageousness and selflessness of the health care workers who are on the frontline helping patients every day.”

The tribute concert was circulated in the form of a video and Shen took help from her colleagues to help her out in this project. Each team member put out their maximum efforts to make sure the video reaches the crowd. Such an initiative taken by the University will remain etched in history

Subarna Basu