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For the love and life of food

It’s been 25 years since Zaheer Khan graduated from Northeastern University. Life has not been easy for her. she pursued her Masters degree is Economics, while her husband was doing his own higher education. Their lives stood still as a huge question mark when a little child came as an addition to their family. With an already money-tight situation, the couple did not know what to do. Khan left her child with a friend to take care of her when she was busy with her exams or job. With money already on the drop, the only way for her to repay the friend was through cooking food. This decision was a life changer.


Khan went on to own three restaurants after that. Serving authentic Pakistani food, her business grew far and wide. Not just this, she has managed to keep herself intact even during the pandemic times. She signed up for delivery service. Then, she went on social media to assure her customers of how she and her employees followed safety measures to ensure that the food is as healthy as always. She pushed her boundaries as before. She got herself a sewing machine and learnt sewing. All of this was done because she wanted to sew cloth masks for her employees and delivery persons. Not just this, to make sure that she is keeping up with the COVID-19 times, she has introduced new comfort items on the menu like kulfi to give her customers a happy and pleasing option.


Zaheer Khan shows that nothing stops in the way of the love and passion for food. Her strength lies in her ability to adapt to the situation through the best way available to her and not lose out on her confidence and creativity in the process. She continues to remain an example for women who lack self-confidence to look at as a role model.


N Malavika Mohan