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FLEX education model: a new way of learning


During the unprecedentedly tough times as of the COVID – 19, the world has come to a halt. The pandemic has reshaped the education system. Approximately, 1.2 billion students are out of schools due to the pandemic across the globe. However, the teaching and learning process couldn’t be abandoned. So, e-learning has taken over space. Although the e-learning process existed before the pandemic also, it was not accepted globally. However, as the pandemic broke out, people shifted completely to remote learning and distance education. The schools and universities adopted various technologies for blended learning. The blended learning is a way of learning with the help of technology.


In the present fall, Northeastern University is planning to reopen with the help of hybrid technology under the NUflex program. FLEX model is one of the methods of blended learning in which online learning is the backbone of student learning. FLEX model provides students with the flexibility to select their schedules among modalities. The teacher of record is on-site and students learn through online classes. Students can opt for either in person or remote classes. “That’s all totally fine under this arrangement,” says David Madigan, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Northeastern. All those who attend in-person courses will have to wear face coverings and maintain a six feet distance from each other.


“In a hundred-person room, we may only be able to accommodate 30 or 40 people,” Madigan says. “That’s where NUflex becomes incredibly useful.”


Though this time is difficult for everybody, we have to keep going on. Online learning programs are the best alternatives to continue learning that meet public health guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. Moreover, these are also an opportunity for every individual towards a progressive future. It lets us learn at our own pace and peace, improving the efficiency of our education system. Learning should never be ceased, no matter what comes in the way, it should rather be developed more.


Manshi Chauhan