First Global Contest by GlobalShala

Contests are an integral part of GlobalShala. Code with GlobalShala is the largest contest held by GlobalShala in association with HackerEarth. Thus, with careful strategizing, our team came up with the idea of a unique contest that will provide scholarships to internships to students.

The themes of the contest were

  1. Code a unique badging system, that can have digital micro-credentials that validate accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. They can be “packaged” in a digital file, represented by an icon. The file may hold the description of the badge, who issued it and the criteria required to receive it.
  2. Help GlobalShala to make their employees and interns feel appreciated and engaged by building game-changing software digital platforms for employee rewards and recognition. For example, performance awards, behaviour and value awards, service or tenure awards, etc.
  3. Security and transparency are critical to verifying that an earner has been issued a valid digital credential by any organization. Help GlobalShala verify Digital Credential Badge issuance using blockchain. The submissions should clearly explain how your solution leverages blockchain principles and why blockchain is the core component of your solution.

Additionally, there was participation from 6 different countries including Albania, Egypt, the US, Bangladesh, Nigeria. The highest participation from India itself. Various engineering colleges of the country sent their commendable submissions. Prizes for this event were chances to win Internships at GlobalShala with a stipend range of $100-120 USD, a $5000 USD Scholarship redeemable for any course (certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, online or in-person) at Northeastern University. It also included Amazon Vouchers and other gift cards up to $100 USD distributed amongst Top 10 teams.

The contest was highly intriguing and our team had the most fun organizing it!