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Fireworks in the US are almost out of stock

Cancellation of the July 4 celebrations this year must’ve caused wide-spread unrest among the Americans. However, it seems that the Americans have found a way to pass the time. They are enjoying their lockdown days by lighting up the skies. According to a study conducted by Northeastern University, there has been a huge hike in fireworks purchased this month.

Cities such as New York, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, among others have seen firework complaints rise as much as 23,000 per cent! While a little of these firework celebrations can be due the July 4 celebrations, the country has never seen such a hike before. Boston saw 5543 cases of rise in firework complaints from 139 in June 2019 to 7844 in June 2020. New York had a 23548 jump to 6385 cases. Hikes in other major cities ranged from 171 to as much as 2800%. 

A huge concern of the people’s complaints is not just the noise and pollution caused by these fireworks. It’s also on the use of extremely sophisticated type firework displays that can be extremely dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. There has even been a 115% increase in sales of fireworks, said Bruce Zoldan, CEO of Phantom Fireworks. The fireworks purchased this time around include more than 50% people who are not the usual customers. However, here hovers another major problem. The stocks of all major firework retailers in the country are out. Most of  them are imported from China, whose factories are shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While the United States of America still fights the rising COVID-19 pandemic, a surge in the purchase of fireworks and complaints is a rather unusual scenario. People have found a way to relax in a restricted economy. However, this may have troubling effects on the environment, while the country is still battling the raging pandemic. A victory against all of this chaos is much needed at this hour.


Shubham Mohta