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Feeding the Neighbourhood Children

About a dozen years ago, George Benner was just an ordinary, good-natured man who was passionate about feeding the hungry of his neighbourhood. He would encourage his neighbourhood kids to go through his grocery shopping bag and help themselves to whatever food they fancied. Today, however, he is the founder of the Round Table charity. This charity is one of the first receivers of Claddagh Fund donation. This is his story.


Benner is a graduate in Criminal Justice from the Northeastern University and has been feeding the hungry in his neighbourhood’s for a long time. Eventually, he gave birth to the Round Table charity in 2008. Since then, this charity has been feeding the hungry adolescents and families in the South Boston area. Also, Benner is the merchandising director of the Claddagh Foundation. The Dropkick Murphys, a renowned Celtic band in Quincy, Massachusetts owns the foundation.


So, to feed the hungry of his neighbourhood, Benner constructed, what can only be described as a garden. It spans over 3600 square feet and includes about 200 planters. This philanthropist home grows and distributes everything from kale to lettuce, buttercrunch to Swiss chard.“I put 15 tomato plants in, and I’m going to be getting more from a donation. I’ve got eight cucumber plants going, hundreds of seedlings, all kinds of chives, some bok choy. I’m going big with the mint to have summer drinks. I came across a bunch of squash and zucchini—there’s going to be a big demand for that”, says Benner.


The COVID – 19 pandemic initiated a worldwide lockdown. This has, therefore, severely affected the livelihood of the middle-class. So, Benner’s Round Table charity has been working around the clock to provide food for his locality. In fact, He has been preparing 20 to 30 meals per day.


The Northeastern University has been an eminent fixture in Benner’s life. From selling fruit snacks on its campus to graduating from it with his son Oliver to having the University be a prominent investor in his Round Table charity at his side, Benner is a refined example of perseverance. Every one of us has George Benner in us. We just need to find it and make it a force for the good.


Atreyee Chakraborty