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Do not be grateful to be selfish!


Be the one who is grateful! Be the one who gives and receives kindness and be thankful for it!

Act of gratefulness is less observed in today’s world where all are actions seem to be driven by selfish motives. People who feel obligated to provide or do something that benefits the other individual either do it out of a moral obligation or out of a genuine motive of providing help. According to David DeSteno, an associate professor of psychology at Northeastern University, people who are grateful willingly donate money for the greater good. They have the virtue of being good to a person irrespective of his or her behaviour. Giving money to a person who has never helped them shows the gratefulness in their personality.
DeSteno conducted an experiment where the participants were tested based on how much they can help and how much money they choose to give other people. The game was designed in a way where a person will earn more individual profit if he or she invests in maximising shared profit. People who were grateful were observed to share more money in communal profit even if they met the other participants for the first time. Therefore, DeSteno says, “It shows that gratitude shapes decisions toward communal profit, or the social good, even at our immediate expense”.
We should not be generous because it is a necessary thing to do, as generosity comes out as a very selfless and genuine motive. This motive need not be selfish where the person may feel satisfied because he or she helped. It should come naturally and not out of selfishness. This is the most important virtue that today’s world must adopt. In a society built on the comparison, materialistic gain, selfish ambition, and more, we need to initiate acts of kindness as they would prove to be the greatest virtues.
Akshara Palshetkar