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COVID-19 developments by Northeastern University

The novel COVID-19 outbreak has infected more than 1,500,000 people worldwide and more than 90,000 have died, which is more than the number of fatalities from the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s. The virus designated 2019-nCoV has spread to at least all the countries of the world, prompting infectious disease experts to discuss it as a pandemic. Inevitably, Professor Neil Maniar, a professor of practice who directs the master of Public Health program had ensured that people are properly educated about the illness. Providing people with resources to protect against other viral illnesses will be critical to reducing the risk transmission of the coronavirus. As the public health experts monitor the global spread of coronavirus, Northeastern University developed an extensive set of contingency plans to prepare for possible disruptions, activating the staff and necessary resources to meet its institutional commitments.


For the achievement of its goals, the university had assembled a COVID-19 task force, with designated Northeastern officials overseeing each of the following critical areas. These areas were learning continuity, research continuity, business continuity, campus operations, and communication. Michael Armini, senior vice-president for external affairs, also co-chaired the task force, convening its members every morning. At Northeastern, the remaining room and board costs are in the process of being refunded to students. The university had already suspended university-sponsored programs in China, North Korea, and Northern Italy by communicating directly with students currently working or studying in Italy. The university offered financial assistance to students located north of the Pisa/Florence line who chose to depart to Italy. The university also enabled the workers to take advantage of their employer network to identify job openings and provide individualised career coaching that will include assistance on how to apply for jobs, write a resume, and perform to expectations in an interview as well as consultations on career mapping and planning.


Being a research university, Northeastern designated personals to maintain research related processes such as feeding animal subjects or maintaining refrigeration of sensitive materials. The university has also maintained payroll, continued payment for external vendors, and arranged remote work for affected employees as necessary. In order to guarantee the above areas, Northeastern is not only continuing but bolstering its communication methods. It has also equipped call centre operators and other externally facing offices with essential information to answer questions that fall outside of external correspondence.


Gurbani Gandhi