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COVID-19: A New Beginning

The wave of COVID-19 has affected everyone at different levels. While it has rendered some with an economic loss of livelihood, it has blessed some with quality time with their loved ones. Surely, it is all a matter of privilege; those who have it are kept further away for this wildfire.

At the forefront of this battle are the doctors and service providers who, without turning their backs, have been constantly helping the victims. It is their sacrifice that has given a new life to the survivors. It is easy for us to sit and count days to step out from our safe place and enjoy the free air whilst they are counting days to make this world a safe place for everyone. It has been repeated that too much greed leads to destruction. Yes, it has led to destruction, of our nature, of the wildlife. This pandemic brought with it a safer and cleaner environment, where animals are roaming freely in the streets, turning the tables against the brutality of mankind.

This pandemic has taught us an important lesson, the unpredictable nature of time. Therefore, it is important to have kindness and compassion towards everyone. With a complete state of halt, it has made us realise that there is a dignity of labour in every work, how classroom learning is efficient than zoom classes, how family time is more important than video conferences, and most importantly, how we should control our wants over the needs.

This is an extraordinary time and it calls for extraordinary measures. This is a new endeavour and a new horizon for all of us. Concerning the people on the front lines of this community, the students and faculty of Northeastern University stand with them; whether in providing housing for first responders, caring for the patients in hospitals, etc. We will overcome this crisis.


Chandrima Sarma