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Choose the best Cloud Storage Service!

cloud storage

What will you do when your boss contacts you to send a presentation when you were on vacation? Will you express that you don’t have the working laptop that stored that document with yourself? Tension and uneasiness all around? You can save yourself from this anxiety by getting your hands on the free storage provider tools. Storage tools or cloud services provide you an interface to store your documents up to a limit and offer its accessibility on all your devices.

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Online storage service providers don’t store any data on the hard disk of your PC. So which storage tool is best for you? Here is the list of some of the best cloud storage services. Choose whatever suits your preferences:

Best cloud storage services:

  1. PCloud

This cloud storage tool is termed as the best for storing large files. It can be used for personal, family and fulfills the purpose of small business too. Its availability on all major platforms and free storage up to 10GB can make it your ultimate choice.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage service providers. Almost 20% of the cloud storage users prefer Google drive owing to its 15GB free storage. Adding to that, its interface and functions make it best suited for teams and collaborations.

  1. One drive

One drive is the storage tool provided exclusively to the windows, android, and IOS users. The free limit for data storage is 5GB and works flawlessly when combined with other windows tools like SharePoint.

  1. Box

Accessibility from any type of device and a storage limit of up to 10GB makes Box a standout free storage tool. It can utterly meet your requirements of enterprise solutions as its USP is to cater to small teams and enterprises.

  1. iDrive

Specifically designed for freelancers, teams, and businesses, iDrive is generally used for backups. Free 5GB storage with its user-friendly interface is worth a try.


All these cloud storage services provide paid services for extra storage. Compare the plans and get yourself a storage tool as soon as possible.


Harminder Singh