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Cheering for Cheer: A show with a difference

If you are bored of the usual romcoms and thrillers on the web, Jack Johnston from Saint Louis University has a suggestion for you: the show Cheer on Netflix. While most documentaries may bore you with its facts and historical narratives, Cheer was here with a difference. Tracing the journey of the cheer team of Navarro Community College, the show inspired in its audience values of self-respect, faith, and trust. With character developments showcased in the show, it connected with the audience in reality and helps them relate to it easily.


The series followed the Navarro cheer team’s preparation for the 2019 National Cheer Championship in Daytona, Florida. Not just this, it went back to look at the individual stories of some of its team members. The emotional and individual diversity that the team members showcased was immense. Their head coach Monica Aldama had won multiple national championships and handled every hurdle in the path of the team with grace and compassion. It was evident through the show the strength she had established in the team.


Aldama pushed her team to go beyond what even they thought was possible by them. She hasd immense trust in her team and she hoped that they were able to trust themselves as well. All said, she was an amazing coach who was empathetic and kept her team members on the check. Be it in the form of taking them aside to ask them about the routine or asking them about the situation at home, she was all ears for her members. Having come after a long journey battling cyberbullying, broken families, and toxicity in her own life, she understood the emotional needs of her members and the importance of a good mental health. The show, above everything else, was able to teach its audience how to be there for others and to have faith in yourself, no matter what.


N Malavika Mohan