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Building a website without any coding

Building a website without any coding

One does not have to be a programmer to build a website. Coding a site from scratch can be very time-consuming. However, it is not necessary to be a tech-savvy for building a website. Coding a website without any prior knowledge about computer programming or designing is very much possible. Website builders can help to launch a new website without any coding for a startup, personal blog, portfolio.

Here are the top website builders to help craft personalised websites without any coding:


Wix is a free and simplified website builder. It has a simple interface to navigate from. It also offers a variety of templates that allows building smooth websites. These templates include – Coming soon page, Consultant page, Blog page, Marketing page. WiX also offers a paid version with free templates and unlimited page designs at $14 per month. WiX also has an online store version called the e-commerce plan. Using this, one can create their online store at $20 per month.


Weebly is a paid website builder. It offers many different features at cheap monthly plans. The starter plan starts from $8 a month with a free domain. It also offers a $100 Google Ads voucher to advertise for the website, and some basic e-commerce features. Other features of Weebly are – online images to use, blogging features, checking the performance of the website, and e-commerce related option like payment, checkout.


GoDaddy is a paid website builder. It’s a fully-featured drag and drop editor, with great pre-made templates you can use. They offer a one-month free trial to understand how everything works and experience all features. GoDaddy has all features that other website builders do, but the unique ones are – Connecting social media accounts, measuring the website’s performance, and contact forms.

For each of these website builders, follow three necessary steps –

  1. Login and create an account.
  2. Secondly, depending on whether it is a paid or free website builder, make the payment.
  3. Lastly, to choose any template of choice, customise the font and add images.

And voila! You have your website without knowing any coding at all. So building a website is not as hard as it sounds.


Manavi Pandey