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Building Opportunities

After companies such as Bangor Savings Bank, IDEXX, The Jackson Laboratory and eight other, Sun Life has become the 11th partner of the Roux Institute of the Northeastern University. Sun Life and the Northeastern University aim to bring their considerable resources together. With that, they will form a curriculum that will be building new opportunities for their present and future students. This program will be custom-made to fit the brief needed to work in the industry flourishing in Southern Maine.


The main target that Roux Institute has pursued forever has been to promote talents in digital and life sciences sector. So, David Roux and his wife Barbara have been pioneers in this target by donated $100 million to the university. They want to promote viable economic growth in places like Portland, the state of Maine, and northern New England. So, with Sun Life onboard, Northeastern University will venture into the field of actuarial sciences. Also, this will cover the collaboration between machine learning and other technologies with data analytics. This will a near-perfect predictions about the insurance market.


Dan Fishbein, M.D. of Sunlife U.S., says, “We are trying to build up a stronger knowledge economy, and they’re really are no graduate programs in these fields in Maine today.” He continues on to say, “At Sun Life we want to hire more talent with these backgrounds, and I know many other Maine employers share that goal. Bringing in these graduate programs through affiliation with a top university like Northeastern is a tremendous development for the state of Maine and for employers like Sun Life.” Joseph E. Aoun, president of the Northeastern University heartily agrees with Me, Fishbein and states, “Together with Sun Life, our Roux Institute will customise curricula and opportunities that allow the company and its workforce to modernise and expand its presence in Maine. This is an exciting partnership.”


The Roux Institute has its students covered with post-baccalaureate courses, certificates, master’s degrees in computer science, data analytics, and AI. Furthermore, it will also offer bioengineering, cloud computing, bioinformatics, project management, and many other programs. The institute will also present an empirical PhD program. Also, this program consists of internships, fellowships, and other special initiative programs focused on AI and machine learning.


Portland has forever been a hub for the U.S. disability insurance talent. Sun Life is capitalising on this very fact and its closeness to the Roux Institute. They, like all other companies affiliated with the institute, intend to build a rounded and custom-made workforce suited for the industry by dictating the curriculum the students follow in the university. This will be building innumerable educational and vocation opportunities for the students in Maine.


Atreyee Chakraborty