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Are you living healthy?

health fair

In the annual Bouve College of Health Sciences, Health Fair and Flu clinic, many students, faculty members, and staff received flu vaccinations, and various health issues were also discussed. As a part of this fair, blood donation service was also available. Apart from this, the attendees also got to know about various health issues and gained knowledge of their cure as well. Healthy youth gives rise to a healthy physique and strength in the declining years of life. Hence, healthy living is essential.


This health fair was an all-day event that took place in the Curry student centre. Nursing major students Kristen Silva and Liana Rizzo were leading volunteers who administered nearly 850 flu shots in the ballroom to the members of the Northeastern University community. The dean of Bouve College, Terry Fulmer, also received the vaccination.


Carol Poskay, a senior pharmacy major (volunteered at a health clinic for five years) shared information on stress and sleep deprivation. These two are the major health issues that college students face. Due to studies, career worries, assignments, and many other reasons, stress builds up in the lives of most students and health issues like insomnia, anxiety, anger issues, and many more come up too.


On this topic, she also said, “These issues apply to students of all majors, we’re helping them improve their health and their lives.”


Many health problems like asthma, smoking, diabetes, alcohol consumption, weight gain, and STDs were also discussed. These are the common health problems that people go through but have little knowledge about. Hence, this fair emphasised on spreading awareness about them.


Informational posters were shared that gave guidelines on how one can diagnose a health issue and find its cure. It also shared information about joining health-related student groups and activities.


Rizzo said, “This is public health, we’re helping people get vaccinated so they can avoid getting flu.” She also added that the event was a good way to connect with classmates and impart critical knowledge about important health issues. The event was a success and its motto of trying to create healthy living satisfied.


Arpita Priyadarshinee