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Are the people of US not happy with their Government?

The worst peaks of the pandemic situation puts everyone in a dilemma. It hit the United States of America drastically. In contrast, some countries seem to be handling the situation in a much better way. Due to this, the US government has faced some backlash. The president and many of the governors seem to be facing increased disapproval from the people. David Lazer is a professor of political science and computer and information sciences of Northeastern University. He talks about the trend he sees amongst the public regarding the US government’s strategies and measures on the pandemic.


A survey was conducted in the country. It shows that every governor has had a decline of about 10 points in approval. This happened in the period between April and June.  Moreover, the least popular governors were the Republicans. The governors whose states were the worst hit when the pandemic first started to spread seem to have held on. They have not received as much of a decline in the approval as the others. However, Doug Ducey is the only governor, the researches show, who has a lower approval than Trump. The governor of Arizona’s  has decided to reopen in May. Due to this, he faced heavy resentment. Only about 15% of the survey participants were favourable to this. Since Arizona reopened, the number of COVID-19 cases shot up. It went from hundreds to thousands in just a matter of one and a half months.


One of the worst declines in approvals have been for the president. Trump’s handling of the crisis has put him in the approval list below the 50 governors. There seems to be a consistently fairly low approval of him in all the states. Furthermore, the president’s prospect of a re-election seems to be doubtful in such a situation. However, we cannot assure anything. The tables may turn any moment in the months to come. “Four months from now, I’d say there’s enough time where things can happen—significant things can happen,” says Lazer.


N Malavika Mohan