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An app to keep track of job applications


Nowadays, our phones and desktops are our best managers. They are handy and we can access them from anywhere, at any time. Hence, now we install an app to track our daily commitments. It reminds us of any important or pending tasks. Moreover, it only takes to input our data in the app which notify us about our requirements. There are many reasons to use them. Above all, it is easy and user friendly. Be it office-goers, or students or to someone at home, everyone has their hand on them.


However, Harmandeep Sidhu found out the lack of organisational medium for our job applications. The students, who are looking for jobs, tend to apply on various platforms simultaneously to secure their place. It helps in spreading out their prospects of applications. Nevertheless, this might become a bit difficult after a time to manually track the important dates. Students often tend to jumble up the deadlines and timelines of interviews. Likewise, entering data in spreadsheets can be a time-consuming task. These were all inefficient as solutions.


Hence, Sidhu a master’s degree student in Computer Science at Northeastern’s Silicon Valley campus grabbed the opportunity to create a suitable app to keep track of the job applications. This app is “simple and as automated as possible”.He produced the prototype of the app named JobTracker. It took him two days. The app featured a dashboard with a built-in calendar that allows users to input information. It required the user’s personal data, a list of the companies to which they’ve applied, including deadlines. The app uses the users’ text messenger and emails to notify them about upcoming events and the important dates. This app is easy to use.


Sidhu, along with twenty-two other students, participated in a week-long online event of Hackathon where he introduced his prototype. This event was mentored by industry professionals. Mentors from ServiceNow and Accenture committed their time. Sidhu mentioned that he determines to finish the job-tracker application soon. Therefore, he looks forward to establishing an integration with third-party apps and professional networks such as LinkedIn, Jumpstart, and Indeed.


Rubena Bose