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A route from food to fashion pageant

To whoever that thinks food and fashion are on two different ends of the passion spectrum, Northeastern University alumna and Miss Universe pageant aspirer Kinesha Goldson, has proved it wrong. Her trip to Paris made Goldson fall in love with French macarons. On coming back home, she realised that there was a huge potential for the snack that was going neglected. Being the daughter of two entrepreneurs, the solution came easily to her – launch a business plan. ‘Cameo Macaron’, a food venture, in the year 2003 was the result.


Goldson’s ambitions didn’t stop with this, though. She now wants to run for the Miss. Universe Jamaica pageant, winning which would land her directly to the Miss. Universe pageant. The former has a voting system in place where the contestant to get the greatest number of votes, automatically secures a place in the top 12 list. Winning the Miss. Universe Jamaica title, she feels, will give her the figure of an idol for others to follow. She looks within herself the determination and self-confidence she had for her venture, for this dream as well. Goldson believes that, coming from a minority background, she has a lot to offer in terms of guidance for those who may not have a role model to follow. “One of the biggest challenges I faced was defeating self-doubt,” she says. “I’ll never be able to fully describe the feeling of doing something no one has ever done.”


She had worked with the Northeastern University Admissions Counselor’s office and PUMA as co-ops, and these, she says, helped her realise her passion by giving her hands-on experience. Talking about Northeastern University, she says, that the University gave her a ground for experiential education and being a part of student groups enhanced her skills and helped her be a capable leader.


N Malavika Mohan