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A healthy lifestyle starts from the kitchen

The key to a happy life is to be healthy and fit. It not only energises the body but also boosts the immune system to have a properly working metabolism. As much as we love to eat junk food, it’s hard to deny the fact that the very same food poisons the body. That’s why it is important to have a balanced diet. Apart from physical activities, eating healthy and good food kick starts a healthy lifestyle. Work at home, study at home, exercise at home, and cook at home, has become the new mantra for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Foodborne diseases are as easy to catch as much as it’s difficult to detect. Therefore, cooking meals that too with proper precautions is a must for every individual especially at times like this. Darin Detwiler, an assistant teaching professor of Food Policy at Northeastern University, shared some of the insights to have a healthy eating habit and to take precautionary measures in the kitchen.

According to him, people should always store and handle food safely to avoid food-borne illnesses and also shop for groceries strategically to ensure a balanced menu to avoid creating food waste. For having a sustainable and healthy life, we should have a proper balance of food. Ready-to-eat foods are good in a way that they last longer, but stocking the refrigerator up with these food items is harmful. Similarly, we should get that much amount of fresh and perishable food items that can be finished before it starts to rot away.

Eating the food in its right temperature is another important factor. Hot foods are meant to be served and eaten hot, likewise with cold food. No food should be left out open and unattended for as long as 2 hours. Maintaining the right temperature of the refrigerator prevents the accumulation of germs and pathogens. Hence, the key to a healthy lifestyle starts from the kitchen itself.


Chandrima Sarma