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Green universities are the first step towards reducing carbon-footprint from the world

Carbon-footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere as a result of certain activities. Over the years, institutions and companies have constantly been up scaling their carbon footprint without realising the consequences that it may have on the atmosphere. Jerry Ziola, former director of sustainability at Northeastern University, devoted his entire career in making the university a green university. Ziola passed away on May 23. However, he will always be remembered for his good deeds and contributions to the society.


Carbon footprint is the biggest cause of global warming in today’s day. Moreover, it is also an important factor in causing the polar vortex in the USA. The universities that teach the students about the harmful effects of greenhouse gases do not realise how they themselves are contributing to increasing the level of greenhouse gases in the society. It is their responsibility to set examples for their students to understand the importance of using clean and green energy. Most universities and colleges across the globe have started addressing this issue. The objective is to reduce the carbon footprint emissions from the university. In addition to this, it also makes sure to use green and renewable energy. The different institutions have opted for different measures to up their green game.


The common ways to do so are monitoring and properly disposing of waste materials. For example, it includes recycling of all waste products, raising awareness around the campus about the effects of global warming, and engaging in better habits to build a sustainable environment. 


Jerry Ziola tried everything he could to make Northeastern University a green university. Ziola’s co-workers and employees often praise him. His contribution to reducing carbon footprint from the university has been very important and effective. Northeastern University ranks 41st out 700 American universities in terms of using clean energy due to his contributions. 


Shubham Mohta