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Efficient Short-run Packaging Production with Insignia Rotary Die Cutter

Efficient Short-run Packaging Production with Insignia Rotary Die Cutter


Welcome to my blog post. Today we’ll explain how rotary die-cutting fills the space in the packaging sector for shorter-run custom packaging production. With just one operator, the Insignia features die cutting and embossing, scoring, cutting, perforating, and removing the waste matrix in one operation. 

This blog post will now take you through the steps of how the Insignia die cutter processes a printed sheet and converts it into the stripped-out finished die-cut product.

Feeding system overview

We will start with the feeding system of the machine. The Insignia utilizes a deep sucker feed, which allows for a wide range of adjustments for different types of stocks and saw conditions. It is capable of accepting up to 40 plus inches of stock in a single load. The Insignia can be utilized for both short and long runs.

Transition to the register table

The machine transitions the provided sheet from the feeder to the register table, where we can use a single side pole guide and head stops. We can pull from either side, depending on the register of the press sheet. The head stops and register guide has micro-adjustments to account for sheet angle.

Die cutting and scoring process

After the head stops and register guide, the sheet is transferred by gripper fingers with complete control through the cylinder section. The cylinder section for the IS-6H system comprises dual magnetic cylinder housing and die tools, ideal for carton and box production. The sheets are die-cut and scored during this process.

Exiting and stripping section

Once the sheets are die-cut through the cutting cylinders, the sheet exits onto a vacuum conveyor that will transport the sheet through the Insignia stripping section to remove the cut product from the waste or matrix of the sheet. The finished pieces are then shingle stacked on the exit conveyor.

Instructions for cross-court folding carton

Now we will instruct you on a 2-up cross-court folding carton using a set of dies. We are die-cutting and scoring from both sides of the sheet in a single pass. The boxes are die-cut and scored on both the top and the bottom. On this card design, we applied scores to outline the harlequin diamond pattern, which enhances the print pattern. To further automate the custom packaging process, the Advantage converting system can run either near line or in line with the die cutter for uninterrupted production.

Insignia product line specifications

Insignia Die Cutter in line with advantage CS-25 converting System and Insignia Waste removal system

I would like to leave you with some specifications on the Insignia product line. Insignia comes in four models to handle multiple press sheets: 20 by 15, 20 by 20, 24 by 24, and 30 by 24. It is available in single magnetic or dual magnetic cylinder configuration. It comes standard with a stripping unit and conveyor delivery table. Last but not least, Insignia is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Production capabilities

While Insignia is ideal for custom and shorter run work, it is also a production-built machine capable of speeds up to 4,500 sheets per hour. 

The Price for this complete machine setup 

The complete setup of the Insignia machine, including the highest-end model (30×24) with all additional features like dual magnetic cylinders, stripping unit, and conveyor delivery table, costs approximately $130,000. This comprehensive package ensures efficient and versatile short-run packaging production, offering exceptional value for its advanced capabilities and automation features.


In conclusion, the Insignia rotary die cutter is a great choice for customized packaging manufacturers. It handles short and long runs with ease. The machine can die-cut, score, perforate, and remove waste in one step. It is simple to operate and very efficient. The Insignia comes in different models to fit various sheet sizes. With speeds up to 4,500 sheets per hour, it boosts productivity. Plus, it is made in the USA, ensuring high quality. The complete setup, including all features, costs around $130,000. This investment can greatly improve your personalized packaging process. Thank you for reading about the Insignia die-cutter.

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