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One Year of GlobalShala

One year of GlobalShala! What is done and what is next?

GlobalShala has achieved milestones in the last one year and the team here has set their sights to achieve even more.

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SuperheroU promotes social entrepreneurship and creativity

Social entrepreneurship, creativity, and SuperheroU

This blog has been written to explain how SuperheroU initiative is going to promote creativity and entrepreneurship, and solve social issues.

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face mask

Face mask – a protection tool against coronavirus?

This article is to provide information about the importance of a face mask and how to prepare a face mask, as preferred, at home.

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Superhero Competition

Resources that might make you win!

If you are planning on participating in a competition which has so much to offer to you including exciting prizes such as cash, gadgets, internships,

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Superhero U

Superhero U: Why should you participate?

GlobalShala's Superhero U is a competition which lets you test your awareness, innovation and problem-solving skills.

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contact tracing

What is the importance of contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an essential public health tool for controlling the on-going pandemic. If applied properly, it can break the chain of transmission

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financial aid

Northeastern to provide financial aid worth $350 million

Northeastern’s most important commitment is of inclusive education. The authority prioritises the importance of the availability of their educationa

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mail-in voting

Who is supporting the mail-in voting system?

It is of great interest among the researchers to know the factors that might affect this year’s U.S. election. Many researchers have the opinion tha

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COVID-19 test is now easy and quick

The sudden outbreak of the unknown coronavirus put everyone in a distressing situation. It took a lot of effort to manage and effectively COVID-19 tes

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