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Cricket Cash-In: Betting on Boundaries and Wickets

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Cricket, a sport with die-hard fans, is now not only available for its fans to enjoy and whistle on sixes, fours, and wickets but can even earn as well!! 

While the players are on the cricket ground, you can play yours by investing the least minimal amount in cricket betting and winning exciting rewards, from cashback to gifts, with your cricket knowledge and experience. 

For centuries, people have been betting on games and their players, but times have changed now. You can now bet online, sitting on your sofa with popcorn and your phone, through a well-known and trusted online cricket betting platform: CricBet99

Welcome to CricBet99 

A platform that ensures your safety and trust in priority introduces new betting rewards coupons and achievements promptly, boosting your confidence in betting online. At the same time, you win rewards, cashback, etc. It is a one-in-all place for you, wherein the cricket is not only the player but the boundaries and wickets, as well, on which you can bet with your cricket cash. 

This platform provides you with more manageable steps to get yourself registered and start betting online. You can get into this process by going through their site.

About Betting Online

Earlier, there was a term called “betting,” which was banned in India, but with the existence of trustworthy betting platforms available in India online platforms, the government has removed the ban with certain guidelines to be responsible while betting on any sports player or any other field or investing money within certain limits and much more guidelines. 

But with the existence of CricBet99, you can easily invest your money in your leisure time. This platform ensures your safety and trust as its utmost responsibility by making it crystal clear that neither your user ID, information, nor your money will be used in any wrong way.

About CricBet99 

You must be aware of the platform but not be mindful of the availability of sports and inside options that this platform provides its interested users. This platform is not only restricted to organizing online betting only on live cricket matches or before that as the assumption of betting, but it also provides you with various inside choices for betting. 

Where you can bet on the boundaries during the cricket match, which provides you with information about the boundaries as well, keeping the condition of the pitch, game predictions, etc., in mind, by suggesting or helping you out in coming to the top during the competition, winning with a good amount and prizes. 

You can do this with your CricBet99 ID by logging in quickly to their platform.

How to get your CricBet99 ID?

Without your CricBet99 Login ID, you cannot enter the platform and start betting online on cricket matches. So, to start betting, you need to have your CricBet99 ID. The steps mentioned below will help you get it in a few minutes and guide you to the CricBet99 login. 

Sign-up Process 

Before logging in to your CricBet99, you need to sign up:

Being a new user of CricBet99, you need to get a new betting. For that, you need to visit. CricBet99 login ID

However, if you are an existing user of CricBet99, you will log in through your past betting ID by going to the same site. 

 When you are on their site, you will see their home page. You will then see a white-colored box on your page asking for you to log in. But as a new user, you need to sign up. 

 On that box, at the end, there will be a red-colored text box, where it will be asking you to “Click Here and Get ID.”. You need to click on that text. 

After clicking on that text, you will be taken to another site, WhatsApp, where you can text your requirements for getting a new betting ID. 

There, the customer support of CricBet99 will provide you with your new betting ID. 

You will get your new betting ID on CricBet99. Then, you can sign in and register on the platform to bet on your favorite sport. 

Signing in and Registering for Betting ID

 In this process, you will need your new betting ID. If you haven’t already done so, please follow the steps mentioned above to get your new betting ID. 

  1. Keep your new or existing betting ID with you to log in. 
  2. Visit the platform’s site: https://www.icricbet99.in/
  3. A white-colored box will show, and this time, you will be required to fill in the details of the betting ID. That will require your username and password, which you might have gotten during the sign-up process. 
  4. After filling in the right information, you will land on their main page. On this page, you can view the live matches currently taking place. 
  5. You can choose any games you wish to bet on or view from the main page.

Following the above two steps, you can register and sign up for CricBet99 by getting your betting CricBet99 ID and Welcome to CricBet99.

Know about betting on Boundaries and Wickets. 

Before betting on any boundary or wicket, there are certain things that beginners should consider because going into the match without any knowledge can be a loss to their money, as they will have a high chance of losing out on the bets. 

Betting on Boundaries 

In a cricket match, a viewer can bet on various things and times, like tossing the coin during the allotment of players for the game, balling, batting, winning, and much more. However, people are unaware of betting on boundaries because it requires solid strategies while betting on the best in the market. 

Things to consider before betting on Boundaries

When betting on cricket, you are aware of the playing level of every other player during the cricket match. Still, you can be left unaware of the boundaries because that changes every time a new match takes place, and that happens because of the following reasons:

  1. Pitch – Before betting directly on the boundaries, one needs to make sure that they are well aware of the pitch and the cricket ground on which the match is taking place while betting on the boundaries. As there are different types of pitches for cricket matches, the game’s condition also depends on that ground. It benefits in understanding how the game will lead on this pitch. 
  2. Weather Conditions—Weather is a sudden element considered during betting on boundaries, as it helps in understanding the batsman’s batting conditions, depending upon the wind speed and direction. Windy conditions can hinder the player’s batting, ultimately impacting the boundaries. 
  3. Cricket Team – One of the prominent or understanding elements one should consider while betting on boundaries is the cricket team playing that day, as the boundaries are directly proportional to the playing strategy, their weaknesses, and strengths determining how many times the ball will touch or go beyond the boundaries.
  4. Match Conditions—During any live cricket match, it is unpredictable to understand what will happen next, so it is highly advisable to read and understand the live match situations, such as who’s on the ground for batting, wicketkeeping, bowling, or the boundaries. It will help you determine how the match will lead in the next ten or twenty minutes. Based on this, you can bet on the boundaries accordingly.
  5. Pitch Report—One of the important things to consider while betting on the boundaries is the pitch report, which is provided at the start of the cricket game and based on which one can bet accordingly. 
  6. Understand the Betting Market Condition—Before the match, one should check the current market conditions, which will help one bet on the boundaries at the right time. 

These are some of the things one must be aware of while betting on the boundaries so that one’s chances of winning can keep rising high. 

Common Strategies while Betting on Boundaries 

If you are a beginner in betting on boundaries, then this portion can be really important before you enter a betting competition for the boundary in any cricket match. 

  1. Analyze Past Match Betting Report—After every cricket match, the betting report is released, which you should go through as a beginner as it will help you understand how betting on boundaries takes place. 
  2. Live Betting—While betting on boundaries, track how others do it on different platforms or competitors on the same platform. These features are provided in CricBet99, which helps you with the best betting numbers.  
  3. Betting Exchanges – Here, you can lay your betting numbers in coordination with the expected outcomes.
  4. Statistical Study—Conduct statistical research on bets made in past match boundaries. This will help you understand how the bets were made and generate an outcome for the current betting match. 
  5. Boundary Data- Before betting on any boundary, understand certain aspects regarding how a particular player hit the boundaries, how the last match boundary hit, or other such collective data that should be considered before or while betting on the boundary during any player’s time. 

These are some of the betting information and strategies one should be aware of whenever one plans to bet on any boundary during or before any cricket match or even of any cricket match. 

Betting on Wickets 

Unlike boundaries, betting on wickets is a crucial study to do before placing a bet online during any match, as wickets are the most unpredictable movement during a cricket match. 

So, just like betting on boundaries, below are the things one should keep in mind while betting online on wickets, along with the strategies used when betting on wickets. 

Things to Consider While Betting on Wickets 

Betting on wickets is a market of unpredictability, which is why one should keep some points in mind before putting a bet on the wickets. 

When we talk about betting on wickets, certain things like pitch analysis, weather checks, statistical reports, or match understandings are daily. However, a few more things are considered necessary in online wicket-betting.

Bowling Updates: Keep track of the bowlers and their way of spins, bowling, and everything related to the player and their team. The way bowling or the bowlers take place will impact the match’s wicket status. By understanding this, you can make predictions equivalent to the outcome, winning rewards and money. 

Just like this, during betting, you are also required to pay attention to the movements made by the fielders available on the ground while keeping an eye on every movement made by the wicket keepers and the batsman during the match.  

The strategy involved in Wicket Betting 

Just like the betting made on the betting during boundaries, the same can be seen practiced while betting on the wickets. It is just that, here now, you also need to study the bowlers, fielders, wicketkeepers, and batters to understand their game when they enter the ground in the match. 


Betting is an activity done out of enjoyment, but if done properly on a trustworthy platform, like CricBet99one can be assured that their information is registered while also benefiting themselves by getting different games like badminton, casino games, etc., under one single platform. 

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