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CBSE Board Class 12 English Syllabus for 2025 Exams

The Class 12 English syllabus under the Central Board of Secondary Education plays a crucial role in shaping students’ academic and communication skills. As students gear up for the 2025 exams, understanding the detailed structure of the syllabus is essential for effective preparation. In this article, we’ll explore the key components of the CBSE Class 12 English syllabus, highlight the changes for 2025, and provide insights on how to excel in this subject.

Core Components of the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus

The CBSE Class 12 English syllabus is divided into two main categories: English Core and English Elective. Each category is designed to cater to different academic needs and interests.

Elective vs. Core Subjects

  • English Core is mandatory for all students and focuses on foundational language skills, including reading, writing, and literature.
  • English Elective offers advanced literary analysis, extended reading, and creative writing opportunities for students interested in deeper literary studies.

English Core Syllabus

The English Core syllabus comprises three main sections: Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, and Literature.

Reading Comprehension

This section is designed to test students’ ability to understand and interpret unseen passages.

  • Unseen Passages: Students will be required to read and comprehend two unseen passages. The questions will assess their ability to extract information, understand themes, and infer meanings.
  • Note-making and Summarizing: Students will practice summarizing texts and making notes, which are essential skills for academic success.

Writing Skills

Writing is a critical component of the English Core syllabus, covering various forms of composition.

  • Essay Writing: Students will learn to write coherent and well-structured essays on a variety of topics.
  • Letter Writing: This includes formal and informal letters, focusing on clear communication and proper format.
  • Report Writing: Students will be trained to write detailed and accurate reports on events or situations.


Literature forms the backbone of the English Core syllabus, with prescribed textbooks providing a rich source of study material.

  • Prescribed Textbooks: The primary textbooks are “Flamingo” and “Vistas.”
  • Poetry, Prose, and Drama: Students will study a variety of literary forms, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of literature.

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus: Important Chapters

The listed chapters are added based on CBSE’s previous year’s papers, due to the unpredictability of board exams. 

English Elective Syllabus

The English Elective syllabus delves deeper into literature and advanced writing.

Advanced Reading and Writing

Students will engage with more complex texts and refine their writing skills through advanced exercises.

Literary Analysis and Criticism

This section focuses on analyzing and critiquing literary works, fostering a deeper understanding of themes, characters, and stylistic elements.

Extended Literature

Students will read and analyze additional literary works beyond the core textbooks, broadening their literary horizons.

Prescribed Textbooks for 2025

For the 2025 exams, the CBSE has prescribed three main textbooks for the English Core syllabus.


“Flamingo” is a collection of prose and poetry designed to enhance students’ literary skills.


“Vistas” contains short stories that offer diverse themes and narratives, encouraging critical thinking and analysis.

Supplementary Readers

These provide additional reading material to support and expand on the themes explored in the primary textbooks.

Detailed Breakdown of Flamingo

“Flamingo” is divided into prose and poetry sections, each with its unique themes and lessons.


  • Summaries and Themes: Each prose piece comes with a summary and a discussion of its main themes, helping students grasp the core messages.


  • Analysis and Interpretation: The poetry section includes poems that are analyzed for their literary devices, themes, and interpretations, aiding students in appreciating the art of poetry.

Detailed Breakdown of Vistas

“Vistas” offers a collection of short stories, each with its unique set of characters and plots.

Short Stories

The stories are chosen to provide a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Themes and Character Analysis

Students will engage in in-depth analysis of the themes and characters, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

Grammar and Vocabulary

A strong command of grammar and vocabulary is essential for mastering English.

Advanced Grammar Topics

Students will study advanced grammar topics, including complex sentence structures and nuanced grammatical rules.

Vocabulary Building Exercises

Regular vocabulary exercises will help students expand their word bank and improve their overall language proficiency.

Assessment Structure

Understanding the assessment structure is crucial for effective preparation.

Internal Assessment

Internal assessments include projects, assignments, and periodic tests that contribute to the final grade.

External Examination

The final exam will test students on all aspects of the syllabus, from reading comprehension to literature.

Mark Distribution

Marks are distributed across different sections, with specific weightage given to each component of the syllabus.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 English

Preparing for the CBSE Class 12 English exam requires a strategic approach.

Effective Reading Strategies

Students should practice active reading techniques, such as annotating texts and summarizing passages.

Writing Practice

Regular writing practice, including essays, reports, and letters, will improve students’ writing skills.

Time Management

Effective time management is crucial for balancing the different sections of the syllabus and ensuring comprehensive preparation.

Importance of English in Higher Education and Career

Proficiency in English opens up numerous opportunities in higher education and professional fields.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Strong English skills enhance overall communication abilities, which are essential in any career.

Academic and Professional Benefits

A good command of English is beneficial for academic success and professional growth, providing an edge in competitive environments.

Resources for Additional Practice

Supplementing the prescribed syllabus with additional resources can be highly beneficial.

Recommended Books

Several books offer additional practice exercises and insights into the CBSE English syllabus.

Online Resources and Practice Papers

Various online platforms provide practice papers, sample questions, and interactive exercises.

FAQs about CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus

Students often have several questions about the syllabus and exam preparation.

Common Student Queries

  • How to manage time effectively during exams?
  • What are the best resources for additional practice?
  • How to improve writing skills quickly?

Expert Answers

Experts provide practical advice and strategies to help students excel in their exams.


The CBSE Syllabus Class 12 English 2024-25 is comprehensive, covering a wide range of skills and knowledge areas. By understanding the syllabus structure, practicing regularly, and utilizing additional resources, students can prepare effectively for their exams and achieve excellent results.


  1. What are the key changes in the CBSE Class 12 English syllabus for 2025? The syllabus has been updated to include more diverse reading materials and advanced writing exercises to better prepare students for higher education and professional environments.
  2. How can I improve my writing skills for the English exam? Practice regularly, read a variety of texts, and seek feedback from teachers to refine your writing skills.
  3. What are the best resources for additional practice? Recommended resources include supplementary textbooks, online practice papers, and interactive learning platforms.
  4. How is the internal assessment structured? Internal assessments consist of projects
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