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Can I Reopen a Closed Personal Injury Case?

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Navigating the legal landscape after a personal injury can be daunting, especially when considering whether you can reopen a closed case. Many people in Santa Monica wonder if it’s possible to revisit their settled personal injury claims, and the answer is it depends on several factors. As experts in the field, Randolph and Associates, a renowned Santa Monica personal injury lawyer firm, provide comprehensive insights into this complex issue.

Understanding Case Closure

A personal injury case is typically considered closed when a settlement has been reached, or a court verdict has been rendered. This closure implies that both parties have agreed to the settlement terms, and the case is formally dismissed. However, certain circumstances warrant reopening the case. Consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Santa Monica is crucial to evaluating the specifics of your situation.

Circumstances for Reopening a Case

  1. Discovery of New Evidence

One of the primary reasons for reopening a personal injury case is the discovery of new, substantial evidence unavailable during the original proceedings. This evidence must be significant enough to potentially alter the case’s outcome. For example, if a previously unknown witness comes forward or new medical evidence is discovered directly impacting the claim, this could be grounds for reopening the case. With their extensive experience as Santa Monica personal injury attorneys, Randolph and Associates can help assess the validity and impact of such evidence.

  1. Fraud or Misrepresentation

If it is discovered that the defendant engaged in fraud or misrepresentation during the original case, this can be a valid reason to reopen it. Fraud might include providing false information, hiding critical evidence, or any other deceitful act influencing the case’s outcome. Like those at Randolph and Associates, a skilled personal injury lawyer in Santa Monica can investigate and determine if fraud occurred and advise on the best course of action.

  1. Procedural Errors

Legal procedural errors during the initial case proceedings can also be grounds for reopening a case. These errors include legal application errors, improper evidence handling, or failure to follow legal protocols. If such errors significantly affected the case’s outcome, a Santa Monica personal injury lawyer can help file a motion to reopen the case and seek a fair resolution.

  1. Settlements Under Duress

If the settlement agreement was signed under duress, coercion, or undue influence, it might be possible to reopen the case. For instance, if a victim was pressured into accepting a settlement that was unfair or not fully understood, this can be a valid reason to challenge the closure of the case. Randolph and Associates are experienced in evaluating such claims and can provide legal support to address these issues.

Legal Advice and Support

Reopening a closed personal injury case is not straightforward and requires a solid legal foundation. It is essential to work with a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Santa Monica who can navigate the complexities of the legal system. Randolph and Associates have a proven track record of successfully handling personal injury cases, making them a reliable choice for anyone considering reopening a case.

Consultation and Case Review

The first step in this process is to schedule a consultation with a Santa Monica personal injury lawyer. During this consultation, the lawyer will review the details of the original case, the reasons for seeking to reopen it, and the new evidence or circumstances. This comprehensive case review helps determine the viability of reopening the case and the potential outcomes.

Filing a Motion to Reopen

If the lawyer determines that there are valid grounds for reopening the case, they will file a motion with the court. This motion must clearly outline the reasons for reopening the case, supported by substantial evidence. The court will then review the motion and decide whether to grant a hearing to reconsider the case. Randolph and Associates excel in preparing and presenting compelling motions to reopen personal injury cases.

Legal Representation in Court

Should the court agree to reopen the case, having an experienced personal injury lawyer in Santa Monica is crucial for representation in court. The lawyer will present the new evidence, argue the case’s merits, and advocate for a fair resolution. Randolph and Associates’ extensive courtroom experience ensures clients receive the best representation.


Reopening a closed personal injury case is a complex but sometimes necessary step to achieve justice. Having a knowledgeable Santa Monica personal injury lawyer is essential, whether due to new evidence, fraud, procedural errors, or settlements under duress. Randolph and Associates are committed to providing expert legal support and protecting your rights. If you believe your closed personal injury case warrants another look, don’t hesitate to seek their professional advice and guidance.

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